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Another Disaster?! 5 Times Apocalypse Strikes Back on Anime!

In every typical Post Apocalyptic Anime trope, the scene would always start with a recollection of the past and end with an event that kick-starts the second coming of disaster. But did you notice that most of them happen because of the character’s rather questionable decisions? It could be a small event or a big movement for one grand scheme. Well, what are they? Without further ado, here are the 5 times Apocalypse strikes back on Anime!


When you approach sickly ethereal idols just because they look vulnerable

Seeing your idol, sitting there looking vulnerable, in your hiding place seems to be the perfect start for a second Lost Christmas in Guilty Crown. Ouma Shu’s peaceful lunch turns upside down when he meets a wounded Inori in this Post Apocalyptic Anime. When he tried playing the hero and realized the reason why she was chased in the first place, that’s when things started spiraling out of control.

When you place your hope on a kid with anger management issue to save the world

Everybody knows that emotionally unstable characters plus superpowers is never a good combination. What happened on Attack on Titan proves exactly that. But alas, the situation does not give them the choice but to let Eren lead the mission that kick-starts their road to revolution in this Post Apocalyptic Anime. Well, they made the wrong decision.

When you open the gate for any train that comes in, check them for any zombies first

The first rule of survival when you’re living in a zombie-ridden Post Apocalyptic Anime world: don’t open the gate for any suspicious-looking trains without checking what’s in it. The characters of Kabaneri of The Iron Fortress do exactly the opposite and look where it got them. Well, at least they have Kabaneri on board to help them fend off those flesh-eating monsters!

When you incur the wrath of Angels by trying to bring the dead back to life

Breaking the taboo of reviving the dead is one of the most seen tropes in Post Apocalyptic Anime. The Japanese Imperial Demon Army in Owari no Seraph managed to re-awaken the sleeping Angel of destruction by pushing the experiments on life too far. And now, Mikaela and Yuuichiro must face consequences as the Seraphs rampage once more.

When you let children raised in closed environments pilot robots to defeat aliens

Children are our hope and let them lead the way they say. But that doesn’t mean that you literally make them lead the war against extraterrestrial entities like what happened on Darling in the Franxx. Add in the fact that they were raised in a ‘cage’ without any access to common knowledge to be able to mature on their own, it became a definite recipe for disaster for this Post Apocalypse Anime.

There you have it! Our list of 5 times Apocalypse strikes back on Anime. After looking back on those events that triggered the second coming of calamity, which one do you think is the most questionable decision of all? If you were in their position, what would you do? Whatever your decision is, we highly recommend you to consider rewatching the whole series!