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Anime That Has Weird Character Names.

Jun 25, 2021

Sometimes when you write a story the hardest part of it is not the story itself, but naming the characters. This makes a lot of authors look for inspiration in unusual places, like refrigerators. Let’s talk about anime that have weird character names starting with Dragon Ball!

Dragon Ball

If you played a lot of Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battles, you might’ve noticed this. The main character for the anime itself is Kakarot, which comes from carrots. Dragon ball features tons of bizarre character names like Frieza (Freezer) and Vegeta (Vegetables). The author of the Manga itself said that "For example, the one in control of the Saiyans and other villainous aliens is Frieza. Strictly speaking, Frieza is “freezer”, but I envisioned a refrigerator when I named him. So, I grouped the names according to foods that go inside it. The Saiyans are vegetables (yasai, “vegetables”), and the Ginyu Force are dairy products (gyūnyū, “cows’ milk”), like that."


GATE is an isekai anime where the main character is a member of the Japan Self-Defense Force (JSDF) and comes to another world through a, you guessed it, a gate. Across the gate, the JSDF met a lot of characters. The characters from across the gate are Lelei la Lalena which probably came from Rei from Evangelion due to her looks. The other character is Rory Mercury which has the same pronunciation as loli in Japanese, the character also has the appearance of a loli.

Mobile Suit Gundam

Gundam is a space opera anime which involves people of earth and space, you can check our other article about gundam if you want to know more. Since the characters come from different places, the name of the characters gets a bit weird. The  worst offender of course is Quattro Bajeena from Zeta Gundam in which the romanization of the character is Quattro Vagina. Gundam Alternate Universe also has a lot of offenders like Revive Revival and the other innovators like Ribbons Almark and Anew Returner.

And that’s our pick! There are a lot of weird character names in anime, maybe we can talk about it in another post or, if you have more weird anime character names you can let us know down below in the comment and maybe we can talk about it in the next post!