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90’s is Here! Tamagotchi is Back with Tons of Collaboration!

Feb 09, 2021

Firstly released back in 1996, the Japanese Tamagotchi managed to become a world sensation. This led to Tamagotchi becoming a must-have for cool kids back then. Although it was never really gone from the Japanese market, Tamagotchi was unheard for quite a while in the western hemisphere. However, for the last couple years, we’ve been hearing more and more about the comeback of Japanese Tamagotchi and their collaborations.

So Tamagotchi is a virtual pet where you will have to take care of by feeding, cleaning, scolding, and such. Although they are digital, at the end of the day they are still your pet. Which means they will die at some point, either due to a poor care, sickness, old age, or perhaps due to predators.

Now that we have established the basic concept, let’s get to the more interesting stuff, the collaboration. For a toy that has been here from the mid 90’s and was a huge hit, it would not be a surprise to see that they had collaboration with others. Since they got quite a lot, we will be focusing more on the Japanese Tamagotchi that will be released this year, Extellatchi and Twistetchi.

Fate/Extella - Extellatchi (えくすてらっち) February 11, 2021

90’s is Here! Tamagotchi is Back with Tons of Collaboration!

Fate is probably one of the most well known Japanese franchise. Ranging from a visual novel, manga, anime, gacha game and others, Fate has managed to establish a name of their own. With a franchise as strong as this, it is not a surprise that they have collaboration with other brands. Their collaboration with Japanese Tamagotchi, which is called Extellatchi and will be released within the next few days, is done in order to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Fate franchise. Here, there will be eight possible ‘classes’ it can be where it (along with how much care is given) will affect their evolution. During the plays, your Extellatchi might be infected by “bugs”. Careful, if you are letting the bugs invest your Exillatchi for too long, you might lose your servant! Either if you neglect your servant for too long or it has lived a long fulfilling life, there will come a time when you have to say goodbye. When this happens, your servant will disappear with a glittery effect, returning to the Throne of Heroes.

Twisted Wonderland - Twistetchi (ツイステっち) June 2021

90’s is Here! Tamagotchi is Back with Tons of Collaboration!

Released last year, Twisted Wonderland has managed to become one of the biggest sensations when it comes to the world of Japanese gaming. This is actually not much of a surprise, considering the characters in the Twisted Wonderland are all based on the classic Disney villains. Only hotter as it was Yana Toboso, the Black Butler’s mangaka, who designed the characters. Due to their massive hit, it is sure enough that Twisted Wonderland will be having tons of collaboration. The Japanese Tamagotchi collaboration with Twisted Wonderland was known as Twistetchi, which we personally think super adorable. Twistetchi is scheduled to be released in June this year, however it seems like you can already place a pre-order. Unlike most Tamagotchi where we started with an egg, in Twistetchi we started with Grimm. Depending on the care you give him, he will later evolve to one of the Twisted Wonderland characters. But remember, it would only happen if you take care of him! Although Twistetchi comes in 7 variants (one for each dorm), the content is actually the same. So no matter which Twistetchi you get, there is a chance Grimm will evolve to your favorite Twisted Wonderland characters!

Now that we know that our childhood is making a comeback, what are you going to do? Are you going to jump and get the newest Japanese Tamagotchi and their collaboration, or will you be digging for your old Tamagotchi?