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ClaDun Sengoku Coming to PS Vita in Japan May 26! Details at JCS Blog!

Feb 02, 2016

Hey guys, Nick here bringing you more fun and exciting game previews and reviews from Japan. Today, I heard word, thanks to Gematsu, about the up-and-coming title ClaDun Sengoku which is due to be out soon in Japan. Let's check it out!


The game takes place in the Japanese Sengoku era. It's a time and place where local warlords would feud and battle to claim more lands and territory. Much like history, this title takes place in the midst of the Japanese historical era as a RPG. Most of the battling will take place in dungeons and against other warlords and such.

The base and central hub of the game where your character resides is called Arcanus Cella, as shown in the picture above. Here, you will be able to track your journeys as well as other nice utilities. You will be able to play various classes, as well as design and edit your character in a pixel editor. It seems like a really fun game, and there is a huge possibility for co-op play as well.

Above, I've linked a video of the game to show you a little bit of it, without giving too much away! Would this be a title you'd guys end up picking up for your PS Vita? Let me know in the comment section below! I'll be sure to follow up on this title for you guys, as more information arises!

ClaDun Sengoku comes to the PS Vita in Japan on May 26 of this year! In order to be sure you get access to the Japan PlayStation Network Store, you're going to want to follow our quick guide, and then top off your account with PlayStation Network Gift Card Credit!

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