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New "Dragon Quest Builders" Title, Reveals More Information on Alefgard!

Jan 01, 2016

Hey guys, Nick here bringing you more unique and exciting game reviews from the Japanese game market. Today, I have more information on the much anticipated Dragon Quest Builders title, that will be developed and published by Square Enix this year! Let's check it out!

The general theme of the game, is that you will be freely building on the land of Alefgard, which will be no surprise for those of your familiar with the Dragon Quest franchise. However, this game is not as much battle focused as other titles.

Get the information released below in regards to the information they recently released on Alefgard!

"While exploring Alefgard, you’ll be able to do things that don’t directly lead to the revival of Alefgard, but that you may enjoy and receive reward for.
An immobile Metal Hunter lies at the front of a corpse sitting on a bed of flowers. You can rely on its belongings to finish putting down the flowers it intended to plant.
Before teaching you how to make graves, a Hammerhood laments that his big brother has gone missing. There is a suspicious-looking treasure chest that can be seen in the back of the tomb site. Can you expect it as a reward?

Credit to Sal Romano for these fabulous leads! Be sure to read more at Gematsu

Dragon Quest Builders is due to be released January 31 on the Platstation Network for both PS4, PS3, and PSVITA. A demo will also be released January 20th, this year! For those of you who do not know how to access the Japanese PlayStation Network Store, we have a quick guide to get you started!

Here's a brief trailer, to show you a bit more of the game, too!

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