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Love Mini-Games? Check out Pop'N Puzzle Exclusively on iTunes Japan!

Dec 12, 2015

Hey guys, Nick here bringing you more exciting and fun game reviews from the Japanese mobile market. First off, I hope that all of you had amazing holiday! This game, I picked up about a week or so ago on my phone and have been playing it here and there ever since. The title of the game is POP’Nパズル ~オリビア編~ or roughly translated as Pop'N Puzzle, developed and published by KEYROUTE CO. Ltd. This game is a relaxing fruit puzzler that I think some of you Candy Crush fans are sure to enjoy. Let's check it out!

To start, I do believe this character who the game revolves around is from some sort of anime or show in Japan. Does anyone here know? Let me know in the comment section as we get more information on her. She's a very adorable bunny, isn't she? This game, like much of the popular puzzlers you've probably see revolves around matching fruits to score special combos as you play each stage.

The thing that I liked about the game is that the stages really don't change, it's the same circumstance each time. You're given one fruit at the bottom which you must angle and shoot up to make matches. If you do not have a match you still need to fire off the fruit, which makes it a bit hard. Additionally, without matches the screen starts to pile up with fruit so if you're not careful you could quickly lose!

There are also other fun characters that also make appearances throughout the game, as you can see from the pictures above. Overall, I found the game very simple to play and enjoyable. One huge aspect that made it very fun for me is that there was no timer. I sort of hate games that make me feel rushed. Take your time with this one! As expected, Pop'N Puzzle is available  now free to download and play on the Japan Apple iTunes App Store

For those of you wondering how to set up your phone so that you can access the Japanese iTunes Store we set up a guide for you to get you started!

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