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See "PokeMon Go" Yet? Check it out on JCS Blog!

Dec 08, 2015

Hey guys, Nick here bringing you game reviews from the Japanese mobile gaming market. A few months ago Nintendo has announced a, literally game-changing title for the Pokemon franchise, known as Pokemon Go for mobile devices. Let's check it out!

This game is going to breathe a breath of fresh air into the line of games as much of their titles have been very stale remakes with little changing from the original. This game, however is going to be massively different as it requires you to hunt throughout the real world for virtual Pokemon!

Said best by Serankoto, this type of game is very interesting coming from Nintendo because they often don't really branch out and change and they also really haven't tapped into the mobile market yet. This could prove for many more unique and fun titles to come for our mobile devices. What do you think? I encourage you guys to watch and enjoy the video above, and also leave me feedback in the comments section as I always enjoy hearing your opinions on games!

 Pokemon Go is slated for an mid 2016 release as of now. I will be updating you guys on more content and information as I receive it and I will not be surprised if this title hits Japan market first! 

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