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The Red Mage Class Comes to FFGM on iTunes Japan!

Dec 06, 2015

Hey guys, Nick here bringing you more exciting news from the Japan mobile gaming market, and in this case more news from the hit iTunes and Android Final Fantasy XI spin-off, Final Fantasy Grandmasters by Square Enix. If you recall, I have been closely playing and watching over this game for you guys to enjoy. Let's check the update out!


In December, the rapier-wielding red robe-cladded Red Mage will be added to the existing classes of Final Fantasy Grandmasters! As many recall from traditional Final Fantasy games, or even playing Final Fantasy XI, this class was both a mix of melee damage plus buff and debuff spells to ensnare enemies and help party members.  SE encourages you to sign up through LINE or MIXI with FFGM to get more updates as they pour in!

We will definitely follow up with this story, after the class is released.

With that being said, make sure you guys level your appropriate sub-job classes in preparation for the Red Mage class debut!

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