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"The loose Dorashiru - authentic mythology RPG" on iTunes Japan Now!

time Nov 14 , 2015 by Nicholas Hinger PC_blog 0

Hey guys, Nick here bringing you another fun game review from the Japan iTunes Apple App Store! The title of the game is, ゆるドラシル -本格派神話RPG- or roughly translated to The loose Dorashiru - authentic mythology RPG developed and published by Clover Lab Inc. The game has some really fun JRPG elements as well as very cute characters that I think you guys will enjoy as much as I did. Let's check it out!

The game starts out with you being thrown right into a tutorial battle. Much like many popular games these days it is one part trading card game, another part turn-based role playing game. I really liked all the adorable characters you can play and be, which each have their own unique battle skills in the field. As you complete trials and dungeons you will gain more experience, and therefore make your characters much much stronger as you push through the story line.

There are also some gachas in the game which can land you very rare character cards. Cards are sorted in rarity based on how many stars they possess. Though I would be careful, just because a character card may be rare, it may not always be the best to use in your party. Through experience you will begin to combine your characters to build teams to fulfill various duties, and get very savvy at doing so. 

Above, I've included a promotional video of the game for you to see, without giving too much away about the game. As you may have expected, The loose Dorashiru - authentic mythology RPG is available free to download and play on the Japan Apple iTunes App Store, today! For those of you who were wondering how I am able to play Japanese games on my own mobile device, I have set up a quick guide to help you get started, yourself!

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