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See the Stunning World of "Lost Regalia" from the iTunes Japan Store!

time Nov 07 , 2015 by Nicholas Hinger PC_blog 0

Hey guys, Nick here bringing you more exciting game reviews from the Japanese mobile market. Today's review is the JRPG titled, ロストレガリア, or translated as Lost Regaliadeveloped and published by Aiming Inc. available on the Japan Apple iTunes App Store. This game is not just a Japanese Role Playing Game, but it is also a fully-function mobile MMO! I really enjoyed a lot of different parts of the game and I hope you will too! Let's check it out!


The game starts off very straight forward with a "Character Creation" section where you can choose from up to 5-6 classes available. Unfortunately, some of these classes are gender locked. I was able to pick a class I wanted to try out, but sadly I could only be a female. Oh well! Additionally, there is no character customization off the bat. However, as you push further into the story line and past the tutorial you begin to have options to further customize your hero to your liking.

The world is in rich and beautiful fully-rendered 3D which I think you guys will appreciate as much as I did. All of the game controls are available on the sleek UI, which will allow you to move around the map, interact with players and NPCs and also do various different types of emotes or dances. The quest line was a bit typical when it comes to mmos: "Gather this, kill this" was the format used in most of the quests. 

Another fun feature of the game is that there are many mounts you can acquire and use throughout the game-world as your own personal ride. As you can see in the picture above, you can get a lot of different styled riding mounts, depending on your preference. Some are earned, but others can be purchased for yen in the in-game shop. Some of these mounts can also fly! Battle in this game is fairly straight forward where you get several combo attacks you can execute alongside a standard attack. I found it pretty fun, and made some good progress in not too much time!

Above, I've included a promo video to show you a bit more on the game, without giving too much away. I hope you guys will consider trying the title, and if you do, please leave me some comments below, as I love hearing your feedback. As expected,  Lost Regaliadeveloped and published by Aiming Inc. is available exclusively on the Japan Apple iTunes App Store today.

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