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7 Updated Persona 5 Scramble Characters Highlight Announced!

Jan 01, 2020

We’re getting closer to the release of the acclaimed game of Atlus Studio and to prepare yourselves, it’s time to reveal the announced Persona 5 Scramble characters highlights. In this follow up of our previous article, we’ll get to know a few familiar and meet the newest addition of the world of Persona. Without further ado, here’s the announced Persona 5 Scramble characters highlights!


Joker (Hero/Protagonist) - CV. Fukuyama Jun

What better way to start the announced Persona 5 Scramble characters highlights with its own protagonist? After the events of the first game in Tokyo, Joker went back to his hometown. But on summer vacation he has to return to Tokyo and face a looming threat brought by the mysterious ‘King’.


Sophia (Sophie) - CV. Kuno Misaki

Here’s the newest addition of the announced Persona 5 Scramble Characters highlights! Sophia is a mysterious girl the Phantom Thieves met in Shibuya. She comes from another world and doesn’t have any memories other than “becoming an ally for the people”. Although her motivation is unclear, she strives to help the thieves and also has a Persona.


Sakamoto Ryuji (Skull) - CV. Mamoru Miyano

The problem child is back on the announced Persona 5 Scramble character highlights! Once driven by his anger on his circumstances at school, Ryuji opened up more about himself and befriended the rest of Phantom Thieves after facing the same danger on the previous game. This summer, he will join Joker and the others on a trip where they have to go back to Tokyo to face a new danger.


Morgana (Mona) - CV. Ootani Ikue

Our favorite cat is here for the announced Persona 5 Scramble character highlights! After being saved by Joker in the parallel world and regaining his memory, Morgana decided to stay with him. As the de facto mascot of the Phantom Thieves, Morgana also joined the summer trip with the others.


Takamaki Anne (Panther) - CV. Mizuki Nana

The prettiest girl in school, Takamaki Anne is back for the announced Persona 5 Scramble character highlights! Once the victim of prejudice because of her looks, Anne finally overcomes her fears and awakens her Persona. After the big battle in Tokyo, she returns back to her ordinary life while preparing to go on a trip with her fellow Phantom Thieves.


Kitagawa Yusuke (Fox) - CV. Tomokazu Sugita

Here comes the Phantom Thieves’ Master of Art, Kitagawa Yusuke! Finally relieved from his past mentor’s abuse of his naivete, the introverted Yusuke is getting better in conveying his feelings through his art with the help of Joker and others from the Phantom Thieves; and now he’s ready to spend his summer vacation with his new friends.


Okumura Haru (Noir) - CV. Tomatsu Haruka

Haru is not so-shy anymore! On this Persona 5 Scramble characters highlights, the Phantom Thieve’s heroine of justice finally gain more confidence after the incident with her father and abusive fiancee. She’s finally ready to fight on the dark side of the law with her friends and hopes to be closer to the others on this trip.


There you have it, our updates of the Announced Persona 5 Scramble Character Highlights. Wanna find out more about who else gonna be returning on this game or what other new characters should we look forward to? Stay tuned for more information! Don’t forget to prepare yourselves for the launching. Top up your PlayStation Network and Nintendo e-shop wallet and get a $3 off for every purchase above $50 by using discount code '3OFF' only at japancodesupply.com!