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Fight with Amazing Mecha in, "SUPER ROBOT TAISEN X-Ω" for iTunes Japan

Oct 10, 2015

Hey guys, Nick here bringing you another game review from iTunes Japan! Today, I tried a pretty fun mecha game called SUPER ROBOT TAISEN X-Ω, developed by Bandai Namco that brings this franchise to mobile devices. I really enjoyed playing with the fighter robots in a pretty engaging story line! Let's check it out!

So I believe that this game derives from the anime, Evangelion and it's a pretty cool spin off where you get to fight robots against one another. When you enter the game, you use a starting robot which has a lot of basic attack features. As you continue to progress through the story you are able to upgrade various parts of your bot to make them insanely powerful!

Another aspect of the game I really enjoyed was the multi-player option. You are able to fight with random other game players throughout the world who are also playing, and can team up against very large enemies. The controls for the game are pretty simple. You use swiping gestures on your touch screen to fire off different attacks against your foes, but it is turn-based so make sure you use the right skills at the right time!

Below, I've linked a video to give you a little bit more of a preview of the game without revealing too much about the content and the story line. I hope you guys enjoy it and give the game a shot!

 SUPER ROBOT TAISEN X-Ω, developed by Bandai Namco is available today, free to download and play on the Japan Apple iTunes App Store! For those of you interested in playing content from the Japanese iTunes Store we made a quick guide to get you started.

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