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5 (more) Granblue Fantasy Versus Characters You Should Know!

Feb 12, 2020

Many people knew Granblue Fantasy from either the mobile game or the anime. When the Granblue Fantasy Versus was announced for the PlayStation 4, people getting really hyped. We can’t blame them for that, with amazing art and engaging personality of the characters, Granblue Fantasy IS a game that is worth the hype. Since previously we’ve talked about 6 of the characters, we’ll now talk about 5 more Granblue Fantasy Versus characters you should now!


The first Granblue Fantasy Versus character in our list is Lowain, a free-spirited guy who is good with daggers, loves his part-time job and enjoys having an adventure every now and then. His life changed when he fell in love on the first sight when he met Katalina. Deciding that Katalina is ‘the one’ for him, he decided to quit his job and follow her, leading to a new life as a cook on Gran’s crew.


    Ladiva is a purehearted, compassionate, and loving Draph duelist who is also the star of the Jewel Resort Casino Liner. Despite her appearance, this Granblue Fantasy Versus character is really devoted to her fans. 


    Metera is an Erune with tons of talents and an excellent archer. This Granblue Fantasy versus characters used to act as a guardian for her home village. She has been wondering wherever the wind takes her ever since she left her post and the mundane live in her home village behind. 


    Zeta is a fearless fighter from the Society, an organization that hunts primal beasts. Along with her seal weapon, Spear of Arvess, she and her partner Vaseraga went to various mission. Although these two Granblue Fantasy Versus characters tend to get into argument, the trust between the two are unshakeable. 


    Thanks to his lineage, when standing next to Zeta, Vaseraga look like an indestructible tower. Just like Zeta who’ve formed a contract with a seal weapon, Vaseraga also formed one with a seal weapon known as Great Scythe Grynoth. His size along with his somber attitude and curt speech tend to intimidate people. In reality, he is actually a  calm and kind person who will try to help everyone in need. But do remember that his indomitable spirit, raw physical strength, and inability to feel pain, making him one of the most aggressive Granblue Fantasy Versus characters when it comes to the fighting style.

    So far, all of these Granblue Fantasy Versus characters look super awesome. If you just can’t wait to play, the Granblue Fantasy Versus is already out in Japan and we are more than happy to help you top up your Japanese PlayStation Network on JapanCodeSupply!