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5 Largest Monster Hunter Beasts That Will Make You Tremble in Fear

Aug 24, 2020

Powerful, unique, and mesmerizing, these are the reasons why Monster Hunter beasts are more superior compared to monsters from other games, especially for the high ranking ones as they possess power beyond belief. Therefore, make sure you have the right weapon and armors so that you won’t be easily defeated by those creatures.

Monster Hunter beasts vary in size. Ranging from tiny to colossal categories that you can see while facing these guys. Even those beasts have specific sub species which might somehow be more powerful than the normal monsters.There are hundreds of different Monster Hunter beasts you can find in the Monster Hunter series. As the monsters have many categories and subspecies, have you ever seen the mightiest Monster Hunter beasts in your adventure?

In this session, we’re going to show you the 5 largest Monster Hunter beasts that will make you tremble in fear!

1. Dire Miralis

Even though this guy is a semi-aquatic Elder Dragon, nothing can stop its rage to blow some magma balls when its territory is disturbed. You can encounter Dire Miralis in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on a specific quest that is located in the tainted sea. The legends said that this great dragon is resembling an evil destined to destroy the world. Is there any way for a mere human like you can end its unstoppable rage?

2. Lao-Shan Lung

Unlike the Dire Miralis, this Elder Dragon lacks any elemental power. It relies solely on its physical bulk and strength to crush anything on its way. You can find this giant dragon while you are in the quest to defend your fortress as Lao-Shan Lung invades the town. Make sure you have some good armors and weapons there or you will be easily squashed!

3. Dahren Mohran

This whale-like dragon can be found in the great desert on Monster Hunter 4. You can encounter its quest at any rank. However, don’t ever underestimate this punk. Just because you can fight him whenever you want, that does not mean that you should go there with no armor. Prepare yourself as best as you can if you don’t want your ship to sink in the middle of the desert!

4. Zorah Magdaros

From the top of its head to the tip of the toes, Zorah Magdaros is truly a moving volcano. There is no denying its colossal-ness as it rises from the earth to show you the true power of monsters. You will have no hint about where this elder dragon will go nor his purpose. When you are in the quest to defeat Zorah Magdaros, you are only commanded to stop and divert him to the open sea, not to kill him.

5. Shah Dalamadur

This old man is the biggest Monster Hunter’s beast in the Monster Hunter Universe that is beyond human comprehension. Based on the ancient legend of the Monster Hunter’s story, its existence can bend the mountains with a mere twitch. Those who dare to challenge this beast either really courageous and strong or just plain stupid. This quest is only available for high-rank hunters and it proves that only the formidable warrior can survive from the grip of this tyrant emperor!

Those 5 Monster Hunter beasts are crazy powerful and fierce, your experience in hunting will determine the result of the battle when you face them in a quest. If you’ve never met any of those titans, make sure not to fool around when you challenge them unless you want to end up like roasted meat in the end.