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Enjoy Epic JRPG action in "Valiant Knights" on the iTunes Japan App Store!

time Sep 29 , 2015 by Nicholas Hinger PC_blog 0

Hey guys, Nick here bringing another unique game review from the Japanese mobile market. Today, I am bringing youthe title ヴァリアントナイツ(Valiant Knights)~光と闇の覚醒~ or just plain "Valiant Knights" on the iTunes Apple Japan App Store. This game is currently free to download and play right now and exclusive to the Japanese store. For those of you who have asked, we went ahead and set up a quick guide for you to get access to the Japan App Store. I found this game to have some cool JRPG and TCG elements that I think you guys will enjoy. Let's check it out!


This game is a turn-based Japanese role playing game with a couple unique features. First off, the cast of characters is very wide-ranged and cool. You will be able to play along side fierce warriors and also beautiful women who have magic powers. It makes for a nice mix of party configuration. Additionally, there is a trading card aspect to the game. As you proceed through the epic story you will have the chance to earn and gather character cards. These cards will be used to organize your party formation. Each card has the stats of the member on it, and allows for you to strengthen and upgrade as time passes, provided you have earned enough experience and drops to do so.

A super unique aspect of this game is the intimacy index. This allows you to directly chat with various characters and build up trust and relationships with them as you move through the game. Doing so will provide you with better benefits per each character as well as stat increases and experience point gains. The battle system is fairly straight forward. You wait your turn to land group or single attacks or heals in the party, and then you must deal with the enemies round of turns. Below, I've linked a promo video of the game to give you a bit more look at how it plays. I hope you guys will try this one out. Let me know what you think, in the comment section below as I always love hearing your feedback!

As you may have expected, this title is virtually exclusive to the Japanese iTunes Japan Store. It is free to download and play but they do offer in-app purchases to help with your battling. I won't reveal too much about the story line because that is for you to enjoy! Make sure you download the title and give it a try!

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