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Final Fantasy Agito Exclusively Now on the iTunes Japan Store!

Sep 09, 2015

Hey guys, Nick here bringing you another unique game review from the Apple Japan iTunes App Store. Today, I'm bringing you a pretty unique title from Square Enix called, Final Fantasy Agito and it's available to download to play on the . now! I found it to be a pretty fun JRPG, with unique elements. For those of you familiar with the FF franchise, this is a game with it's own unique universe, characters and story line. Without further ado, let's check it out!

The game is pretty darn cool! Basically, you're a student in a special private fighting school where you must help kill evil forces to keep the realm safe. Lots of cool options in this game as far as characters go, as well. Basically there is a wide cast of characters with different weapon and fighting specializations and you will have the chance to play all of them, in your own way. You can individually level them, and also fight in groups of the students against fierce monsters in the story line. 

As you advance through the story you will come to understand a lot about how the battle system works. It is more geared towards the traditional JRPG style of turn-based fighting, which I believe a lot of the hardcore Final Fantasy fans will appreciate. Not only that, but there seems to be a lot of customization you can do your different characters, through both quest progression and cash shop items. Below, I've linked a promotional trailer for you guys to see so that you get a better idea of how the game plays.

A lot of you were asking how I play Japanese games on my American iOS devices, and the answer is really quite simple. We've set a quick guide for you so that you can enjoy amazing content like this on your own mobile devices too, plus more. Overall, I found Final Fantasy Agito to be fun and it is no surprise why it's a top-grossing download on the iTunes Japan Store. 

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