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Our Full Review of "Naruto Shinobi Collection" Exclusively on iTunes Japan!

time Aug 12 , 2015 by Nicholas Hinger PC_blog 1

Hey everyone, Nick here with another awesome game review from the Japanese mobile gaming industry. Some months back I showed a preview of this special Naruto endless-runner gameand finally I have been able to download and try the game! ナルト- 忍コレクション 疾風乱舞 or Naruto Shinobi Collection is now available on the Apple Japan iTunes App Store!  For those of you interested in playing foreign Japanese content on your iOS devices, we've gone ahead and created a quick guide to get you started so that you can download and enjoy this Naruto game, among many others! Let's check it out!

First off, this game may very well be an endless-runner style game but it is actually not endless and it does have various JRPG element that you guys will surely like, especially those of you who are true Naruto franchise fans! As you begin the game you are thrown into a tutorial where you and a pack of your ninja friends (who are actually memorable characters from Naruto) are running in a forest. Special ninja coins appear for you to collect and you have the option to jump, double-jump, PUNCH and swap character positions to create a new leader of the running pack. Pretty impressive, huh?

Shortly after under standing the mechanics of the tutorial, you begin seeing enemies emerge in the way of your running path. You have the option to jump away and avoid or punch them and defeat them to their demise! I think it's pretty cool how the developers were able to mix a fighting game in with this. After that I was placed into a boss phase of the game, where all running stopped. From there it was just like turn based Japanese role playing game. You are able to fight, and swap out your ninjas to beat these special bosses. As the game progresses you get to enjoy the awesome Naruto story while strengthening (leveling up) your Ninjas so that they can continue through the different map of the game. I found it really fun to play! 

Above, I've left a fan-made video of the game play so that you can see exactly how this title plays! I'm curious to know what the hardcore Naruto fans think of this game, so do let me know in the comment section as I love hearing your feedback! As you may have imagined, ナルト- 忍コレクション 疾風乱舞 or Naruto Shinobi Collection is now available on the Apple Japan iTunes App Store free to both download and play. I didn't see any in-app purchases but I wouldn't be surprised if there were some power-ups available for you to buy!

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  • PC_blog

    Great review!!! I have a problem with my game, I wanted to see if you could help. While my game is loading to play the first mission in the tutorial, I get a message saying error code:adf5 and some Japanese text. I’m not sure what this means but I can’t play the game. Btw I am trying to play on a iPhone 6plus. Any help would be appreciated!!

    August 14 2015 at 02:08 AM

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