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Take Puzzling to the Next Level with "Tap-Tap Panda Puzzles" on the iTunes Japan App Store!

Aug 08, 2015

Hi everyone, Nick here bringing you another unique game review from Japan's mobile market! Today, I am bringing you a pretty cool title for those of you who have enjoyed years of playing Tetris and similar puzzle games. The name of the game is called, パンダのたぷたぷ 〜ブロックパズル〜 or roughly translated as, Tap-Tap Panda Puzzles published by the standalone developer, Naoji Kawaguchi. This game is currently a top hit on the Japan Apple iTunes App Store, so without further ado, let's check it out!

The game is super adorable, with a panda mascot that you see throughout each stage of the game. The user interface is extremely simple and makes for an enjoyable experience. What you do is each level provides you with empty spaces to fill Tetris-looking tile pieces. You must arrange and match the empty slots to complete the stage...In fact, it's almost a joke how easy the game is towards the beginning but the difficulty certainly does ramp up as you shoot through various levels!

The cool part about the game is as you push onward, you actually do unlock other mini games. As you clear stages, an image is revealed that you can actually use as a background on your phone! They include some super adorable animal characters too! Overall, I found the mix of puzzle games and cute characters to have a lasting appeal that I think you guys may like as well, if you give it a try. Additionally, no Japanese language knowledge or reading know-how is needed to enjoy this game so you can rest assured you won't be confused!

As you may have already guessed, パンダのたぷたぷ 〜ブロックパズル〜 or roughly translated as, Tap-Tap Panda Puzzles is available exclusively free to download and play on the Japanese Apple iTunes App Store. Although free, it does offer a bit of in-game purchases, though I did not run across them during my puzzle adventures. 

Many of you had requested that I explain exactly how I am able to play Japanese games on my American iPhone so we went ahead and created a quick guide for you right here, so that you, too can set yourself up to playing games from Japan!

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