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Destroy Royals with Beautiful Goddesses in "HimeGami Emaki - Position Change Battle RPG" only on iTunes Japan!

time Aug 07 , 2015 by Nicholas Hinger PC_blog 1

Hey there everyone! Nick here bringing you another exciting game review from the Japanese mobile gaming market! Today, I am reviewing a pretty cool JRPG on the Japan Apple iTunes App Store called, ひめがみ絵巻【ポジションちぇんじバトル/無料RPG】or HimeGami Emaki - Position Change Battle RPG, developed and published by Aiming Inc..The game is super fun because it allows you to enjoy a unique style of RPGs that i solely based on positional tactics. Let's check it out!

When you begin the game you a transported into a fantasy world where a princess goddess who has celestial powers is fighting on your side against the enemies at bay. I loved the ancient Asian theme of the game and the art aesthetics to boot! What do you guys think? When you start, you're thrown into an immersive tutorial that teaches you exactly how battle will work in this game.

All of the characters are in their super-deformed or chibi (tiny) state throughout the battle portions of the game. You are able to begin with a handful of classes in your party so be wise with your choices. From there you begin to see that hit points and damage are not the only aspect of this game that you need to master. You need to be sure to understand that positioning of your party members is everything to survive a much heated battle. I had a lot of fun pushing through the stages in the game, while collecting more and more beautiful characters. Below, I've linked a video so you guys can see a bit more from a first person perspective and if you'd like to give this game a try! Of course, I always love hearing your feedback so please feel free to comment below, as well!

 ひめがみ絵巻【ポジションちぇんじバトル/無料RPG】or HimeGami Emaki - Position Change Battle RPG is available exclusively on the Japan Apple iTunes App Store. In order to be able to play Japanese games on your mobile devices you are going to need a Japan Apple ID, so we've set a quick guide for you so that you can start playing in no time!

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