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Battle through a Mystical War in "Sengoku Adventure", Available Only on the Japan iTunes Store!

Jul 15, 2015

Hey everyone! Nick here, bringing you another exciting review from the Japanese mobile gaming market! Today I am bringing a pretty cool game with a theme of ancient Japan that has various JRPG elements as well as a pretty compelling story! The title of the game is 戦国あどべんちゃー or Sengoku Adventure developed and published by Koramgame and available exclusively on the Japanese Apple iTunes App Store! I really enjoyed both the unique story and also the ease of how battles took place in the game. Let's check it out! 

The story starts out with you, as a modern Tokyo business man, who has been thrust into a mysterious time portal taking you back to an age where Japan was a warring states period. Interestingly enough, you land a top a young girl's home who is being sought out by bandits. Can you help her? Will you leave your modern life and pursue the goals the people of this village need? Most of them do, in fact, need protection but there are several prized warriors about who end up coming to aid you on your mystical journey!

The gameplay of the game is fairly simple. You proceed through the compelling storyline, which is in Japanese but it's not too terrible if you are learning the language. And then, while you play on you are introduced to battles with various allies that you pick up along the way. The allies will be the members of your party and when you are initiated into a battle you actually only watch, and do not partake in the battle actions. The character's skills, armor and weapons can be upgraded by you and then you watch as the battles unfold! I thought this was a pretty neat way to do such a heavy-story game. What do you guys think? I always love hearing your feedback in the comment section. Below, I've linked a promotional video for the game, so you guys can see the fun opening sequence of the game. Enjoy!

戦国あどべんちゃー or Sengoku Adventure is available only on the Japanese Apple iTunes App Store but is free to download and play. The company does offer in-game purchases in which you are able power up your characters even quicker and they often do also have special events! If you do not yet have a Japanese Apple ID, we have set up a quick guide for you right here to get you started so that you can download and play the game!

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