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Miss playing Flappy Bird? Check out "Crow Tengu Fight" on the iTunes Japan Store!

time Jul 12 , 2015 by Nicholas Hinger PC_blog 0

Hey guys, Nick here bringing you another unique game from the Japanese mobile gaming market. As you may know, when a game reaches high popularity it is often imitated. Every once in a while we see these clone games becoming successful. Surprisingly enough if you were in the loop about the Flappy Bird series and how it was discontinued, you will not to be surprised to hear that a clone of the game was released on the Apple iTunes Japan App Store. The theory of the game stayed similar but the aesthetics vary in a lot of ways. Let me introduce to you カラス天狗飛行, or Crow Tengu Fight, developed by SEM&O and available to download and play on the Japanese App Store right now! Let's check it out!


Now this game may come to a surprise to some that I am reviewing it, but let me be clear, the game is simple, fun and it mimics one of the most highly downloaded iTunes App titles in the world! Originally, Flappy Bird was a huge hit worldwide because of these mechanics but was forced to be removed from the Apple iTunes Store because it has too many similar visual properties as, Mario and the Nintendo franchise was threatening to sue because of the huge potential cash-cow that app could have been. Fast forward to a year later and we are still seeing clone-versions of the game getting attention!


Unsurprisingly, the aesthetics for this game very extremely Japanified. Set in the scene of feudal Japan, you are a crow who must avoid flying to your death on bamboo stakes that are placed above and below the ground. A simple idea for a title, but the concept is a lot simpler that the actual task. Each time you cross the threshold of one portion of bamboo you are granted a number, which shows how far you have gotten through the game. Unfortunately, if you hit the bamboo, fall or fly too high you will die and have to start over. There's not really much to the game other than that, but the extreme popularity of this game has me wondering what makes titles like this so addicting? Is it the sheer frustrating difficulty of pushing through levels? What do you guys think? I always look forward to hearing your feedback in the comment section!

As expected,  カラス天狗飛行, or Crow Tengu Fight, developed by SEM&O is available now free to download and play on the Japanese Apple iTunes Store. No Japanese Apple ID? No Problem! We have a guide set up for you right here on how to create your own and get access to the Japan Apple iTunes Store so you can enjoy this title plus many more!

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