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Protect your Kingdom in LINE Tower Rising, only on iTunes Japan!

Jun 06, 2015
Hey everyone it's Nick here bringing you another Japanese mobile game review! Today's game is from the popular Chat App Developer LINE, called Line Tower Rising only on the Japanese Apple iTunes App Store. This game is a mix of dungeon crawler and first person RPG. I've never experienced anything quite like it, and it hasn't been released on the US store yet, so I thought I would share it with all of you. Without further ado, let's check it out! 
The game starts out with you able to link your own LINE account to the game. If you are familiar with the chat app, it's nothing new from the other games that they offer. That being said you can either choose to sign in or play as a guest. The enjoyable part about this game is that you are able to tackle various levels in one giant tower, and save your progress, so you can pick it back up later when you have more time to further adventure!
One thing I did notice is that you are limited in the amount of steps you take per each floor of the dungeon. Watch out, because if you run out, it's game over! Additionally, through treasure chests and monster fights you will be rewarded with both gold and new armor to further enhance your strength against upcoming monsters. There is also an event going on right now that if you invite your line friends to play with you, and they join you can receive a very rare weapon. Keep in mind, your friends will need to have access to the iTunes Japan Store. In order to have access to Japanese games you must have a Japanese Apple ID so we have made a simple guide for you to sign up! 
Above, I've included the Line Tower Rising promotional video so that you can get a little bit of a better perspective of how the game works. I truly hope you guys enjoy the game, as I did! This is one of the titles I ended up keeping on my phone to play again for hours. Line Tower Rising is available only on the Japanese Apple iTunes App Store but is free to download and play! You will also be able to compare your level and scores with friends through line! 


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