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Immerse Yourself in the Beautiful World of "Orbit Saga" Only on iTunes Japan!

Jul 07, 2015

Hey guys, Nick here bringing you a really cool game review from the Japanese iTunes App Store! The Title is called オービットサーガ or, Orbit Sagadeveloped and published by GameBank! This title is a mix of dungeon crawler and Japanese role playing game! I really enjoyed how the epic stories and dungeons were both exciting and very challenging as well! It's not too bad either with the Japanese language. If you are new to the language or don't study it much you shouldn't have too much of a problem with this game! Let's check it out!

The game starts out with a fully immersive world in which you will be exploring, fighting foes and finding your way to the most exciting of adventures in! This adorable anime-looking game has various options you can make for your avatar to look its absolute coolest! When you are first transported into the world you are guided with a friendly tutorial by an adorable fuzzy bunny who will show you how to stylize your character as well as your living space. There is a world map that has your house sitting at the center, while shops and other player houses are nearby. 


The battles are very fun and exciting, and I was very into the art style of the game. Based on the screenshots I have shown, what do you guys think? I love hearing your feedback! Additionally, the story and audio was very cool and cute. You end up collecting all of these female characters and you are able to level and power them up to aid in even more battles as you go forward. I've included a video to show you how the game plays so you can have a better idea. It's almost like an interactive anime! Enjoy guys!


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