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Collect all of the Bugs on "Baby Worm Pullers" on iTunes Japan Only!

time Jun 23 , 2015 by Nicholas Hinger PC_blog 0

Hey guys, Nick here bringing you another unique Japanese game review! This game is kind of interesting in the sense that there really isn't much more to the point of it, other than pulling and collecting these adorable worms. The title is called うちのこヲキヲキor Baby Worm Pullers roughly translated, by KC Creative. I couldn't find much research on the game outside of the App Store, but it is one of the highest downloaded games currently on the Japan Apple iTunes App Store! That being said, let's check the adorable game out!

When you begin the game, you are instructed on how you will collect and gather worms straight out of the dirt and put into your collection pot. Basically you swipe upwards to release them from the dirt and they will auto-gather inside your receptacle. One fun aspect of the game is there is a worm journal that allows you to track and keep the various worms that you've already caught and learn a thing or two about them and their habits. Occasionally, you will pull out something that is not a worm and it will hurt your progress in the game and set you back a bit.

The different type of worms have different point values in regards to your leveling exp. As you begin to grow in level and strength you will be asked to travel to different regions to collect new bugs, improve your collection and gain more experience. Sometimes a wanted poster will also pop up for a very rare bug and from there you actually have the change to catch an ultra rare worm! 

I found the game really enjoyable in the most simplistic sense, and if you are the type of person that enjoys gathering games, this will be something you will really like! What do you guys think? If you are interested in looking the game up on the Apple Japan iTunes App Store, try doing a search with a Japanese keyboard for "uchinoko nukinuki" or just check the top-grossing games as this is available free to download and play! If you have not yet gotten yourself a Japanese Apple ID, we have a quick and awesome guide for you right here to get you set up for gaming! 

At JapanCodeSupply we always work hard to bring you the most affordable, safest and cheapest Japan iTunes Gift Cards so that you can enjoy more unique content like this from the Japan gaming market! Enjoy!

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