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First Year Anniversary of "Summon's Board" on iTunes Japan!

time Jun 21 , 2015 by Nicholas Hinger PC_blog 0

Hey everyone, Nick here bringing you the latest of mobile game reviews from the Japanese market. Today is a review of a game celebrating its special 1-year anniversary since originally being published called, Summons Board by Gungho games. This title is really cool because it blends a bit of puzzle strategy with monster battle action! Let's check it out and I hope you guys like my review of the game!

 When beginning the game you are thrown into a tutorial that shows you the ins and outs of the battle system. This game is all about taking your monsters that you summon on the square tiled board and positioning them in the best place to score the highest attacks against your opponent's monsters. A bit like Pokemon but more focused on floor arrangement. You don't really spent much time firing off attacks yourself, but more like placing your monsters strategically onto the board in the best way to ensure a win. Think of it like a monster battle game with a chessboard. 


Additionally, as you grow and build your monster collection you will have more changes to out maneuver your opponent through various actions. Specific tile placements fire off various secret combo attacks that can land the winning blow in a match, which is definitely awesome. I had a lot of fun battling in the game to see how strong I could get my summons to be, because in this game you are also able to level up the different summoned monsters you have already acquired to make them even sturdier on the battle field. Enough about my fun, I'd like to show you a video below of some gameplay so you can get more of a feel of the game. Let me know what you guys think in the comment section!

They also have an amazing event going on now, for the 1-year anniversary so make sure you check out all of the free goodies that they will be giving to you during this month! Summon's Board is available exclusively to download and play on the Apple Japan iTunes Store. If you do not yet have access to the Japanese iTunes Store, we have a quick guide right here so that you can set it up for yourself right away

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