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Enjoy the creepy, "Virus Slayer" exclusively on Apple iTunes Japan!

time Jun 24 , 2015 by Nicholas Hinger PC_blog 0

Hey guys, Nick here bringing you more cool game reviews from Japan! Today, I am showcasing a title from the Japanese Apple iTunes App Store called ウイルススレイヤー~無料で簡単やり込みゲーム!~, or roughly translated as Virus Slayerdeveloped and published by WHRP Inc. The game is very simplistic and easy enough for all to enjoy! I really liked how you are able to kill viruses with different anime-inspired characters to power though the game. Similar to the title Tap-Tap Heroes, this is a constant-click fighting game (not sure how else to categorize the style of game other than it constantly and endlessly has you taking damage on foes). Let's check it out!

The game begins a little confusing, where you see some cyber insects in a kinetic space field and a health bar. Naturally, from there I began clicking on it and soon after gems and exp were popping out from it, while its health declined. Soon enough I gathered enough gem currency to go into the game shop and pick up a couple cool female fighters to battle against the virus bugs! Now when you have the female slayers when you are not tapping constantly, they provide an additional extra "auto attack" which is pretty convenient. 

The slayers also can be upgraded to higher strengths with different valuable skills to help wipe out the virus colonies. Here is a photo showing the unique skill tree that you can build your strength from to battle the viruses!

As this is an endless fighting game, you kind of are expected to tap/kill the monsters to your hearts content, exit the game and go about your day and come back to see the rewards that you have received while you were off game, that the slayers have automatically killed for you. This is really nice and convenient if you're a busy person who isn't wanting to sink many back to back hours into a mobile game. 

Overall, I found Virus Slayer simple, fun and slightly addicting for when you have a few spare hours in your day. I noticed a big trend in Japanese mobile gaming is that the consumer does not want to be hounded with a game constantly, but can definitely find time to make progress on one during their lunch breaks and the like. This game is no exception, giving you spurts of fun, without being too involved all throughout the day.The game is available exclusively on the Japan Apple iTunes App Store and is free to download and play. They do offer in-game purchases for your enjoyment if you ever decided to have a more extensive experience with the game. If you have not yet created your own Japanese Apple ID we have a guide for your to get started, right here

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