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Puzzle Battle Like You Never Have Before on "Elemental Story" on iTunes Japan Store!

Jun 22, 2015

Hey guys, Nick here bringing you another exciting game review from the Japan mobile market! Today I am bringing you the title Elemental Story from Crooz Inc! This game pits monsters against monsters in a puzzle battle JRPG mashup! It's quite a simplistic and fun game that I think you guys may very well get sucked into for hours, like I did!

This game is free to download and play on the Apple Japan iTunes App Store, but I have been getting messages from readers saying they do not know how to register for a Japan iTunes Account. Well, we have solved that for you at JapanCodeSupply, by creating a quick guide to set you up right here!
Without any more further delay, let's just out the game!

The game starts off by throwing you right into the heat of battle with an intensive tutorial. Basically you have a puzzle board of various different colored monsters which are your active party. Mashing them up in color coordination will score you precious battle points which translate to high attacks against the opponent, which is usually a ferocious enemy monster. At first the combos can seem a little daunting or confusing but after a few rounds of battle you start to get the hang of which combinations create the strongest attacks against your enemy!

After clearing the enemy, your current board of monsters will move with a pack forward to the next enemy type. From there you must swap positions on your map to make as many combos as you can within the time limit. It's a very fun and simple game that I think you guys will enjoy because it gets right down to battle and is easy to understand, despite your Japanese language skills. The bigger combinations of monsters of the same elemental colors you can align, the more devastating blows to your enemy you can execute! As this is a game based on elements you also need to be wary of which colors/elementals will effect different ones, so take care when making your decisions in the battlefield! 

Above, I've posted a promotional video of the game so that you can have a more first-hand feel of how the game works. I really hope you guys like it, and please feel free to leave a comment in the section below letting me know your thoughts on the title! Elemental Story is available exclusively on the Japanese Apple iTunes Store.

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