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Customize Your Virtual Life with "Pocket Land" only in Japan on the Apple iTunes Store!

time Jun 09 , 2015 by Nicholas Hinger PC_blog 0

Hey guys, Nick here with a top-grossing iTunes Japan App Store game! The name of the title is Pocket Land, and it's developed and published by GCREST! If you are a fan of social MMOs and games where you can fully customize avatars and living quarters than this is the game for you. I have the game a try and I was surprisingly addicted to all of the fun little features available! I think you guys may very well enjoy this one so let's check it out!!


This adorable anime-looking game has various options you can make for your avatar to look its absolute coolest! When you are first transported into the world you are guided with a friendly tutorial by an adorable fuzzy bunny who will show you how to stylize your character as well as your living space. There is a world map that has your house sitting at the center, while shops and other player houses are nearby. 

My favorite part of the game so far were the little fashion shops where you can use in-game currency to pick up various different outfits and accessories for your avatar. You literally can make your character look anyway that you'd desire; from a gothic lolita to an adventurous school boy or girl. The choices are really all up to you! Some of the exciting multiplayer features include, visiting other' homes, sending mail and messages and even in-game gifts. How cool is it that you can gift your friend little trinkets for their avatar too? I think this game would be ideal if you have a group of friends join together so that you can keep sending cool presents to one another. The only issue I could find in the game is that I couldn't seem to get the sound to work. Perhaps you guys have a solution for this and if you do please comment below and let me know! Below, I will link a video of the gameplay so that you get more of an idea of what the game is all about. Enjoy!


As mentioned, Pocket Land will be available exclusively on the Japan iTunes App Store for download. Although free, there will be some in-app purchases so be sure to power up your Apple Japan credit on your account. No account? No problem. We have made a quick guide for you on how to create your on Japanese iTunes Apple ID in 5 minutes time, here.

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