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Dream with Royalty in "100 Princes of Dream Kingdom" on the Japan iTunes Store!

time Jun 14 , 2015 by Nicholas Hinger PC_blog 0

Hello everyone, Nick here providing you Japanese gaming reviews and previews so that you can enjoy these awesome titles! Today I am bringing you a JRPG game based around royalty and princes! This fantasy JRPG is also a puzzle battle game with an extremely whimsical story that you guys may very well enjoy! The title of the game is 夢王国と眠れる100人の王子様, or roughly translated as 100 Princes of Dream Kingdom where you are able to choose your prince hero and take on this epic saga of a game. Let's check it out! 

The game begins with you and your comerade princes being haunted by a dark spirit who hangs over the land with despair and destruction. It's your job to see that the evil is vanquished through your party's skill! The tutorial begins with a tiny and adorable fox sidekick who guides you through the battle process. As I have reviewed before, thee puzzle-battle games are somewhat similar in that there are elemental colors that you must carefully swipe and slide together on the puzzle board to execute the proper attack for each enemy.

The character's form in the battle is in super-deformed state; where you see a chubby and mini version of them. However, the special cut scenes are very detailed with full figure characters that look like they are coming straight out of an anime! When you make strong combos on the battle board with the jewels, you will see many awesome and detailed attack animations, which I thought was a strong-suit for this game. I really enjoyed fighting with the party of princes and I think for any of you guys who are into bishounen or any type of boys idol-type things, you may very well have some great enjoyment with this title. Below, I've included a promotional video on some of the princes, who each have their own unique personality and it shines throughout the epic story! Check it out, and let me know what you guys think!

夢王国と眠れる100人の王子様, or roughly translated as 100 Princes of Dream Kingdom is quite fun and available exclusively on the Japanese Apple iTunes App Store. The game is free to download and play, however there are in-app purchases available so you desire! If you have not had the opportunity to make a Japanese Apple ID yet, we have a five-minute guide to help you get access to all the cool Japanese App Store content, here.

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