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Enjoy Epic JRPG Puzzles with "Play Puzzle Battle Brave" on iTunes Japan!

Jun 06, 2015

Hi everyone! Today I am providing you a really cool puzzle-battle game review from the title, 対戦パズル バトルブレイブ  or Play Puzzle Battle Brave exclusively on the Japanese Apple iTunes Store and available free to download and play today! I happened to enjoy the mechanics from this game and I think that you, as my readers may as well! Let's check this adorable puzzle-battle adventure game out! If you guys are looking for ways to search for it on the App Store, check the top-grossing game list, or put "Acrodea" in the search box, which is the publisher's name! 


The game starts out with the option of the starter monster you would like to choose on your battle path. Naturally, because I always liked grass-type Pokemon, I went with the grassy-looking giraffe, as opposed to the fire fox and the aqua mascot fish-thingy (see picture above). I think was asked to choose my own avatar from a variety of different looking students, as well as a cat or a dog, which was a little odd but I went with it! I choose the cute dog with a bandanna as my character. 

Shortly after making these selections, I was thrown into a battle. Basically you align jewels to make combos on the bottom panel that will affect the top panel where the battle is going on. Pink heals your party members, and the other elemental jewels hurt the enemy mobs based on the elemental weakness tree (which is sort of a given now that this has branched off from Pokemon elemental chart). It was good fun, and not hard at all to progress through several battles. If you guys are into puzzle games and monster battles I think this will be really fun for you to give a try as well. Below, I've included a video to give you more a first-person perspective on battles. Enjoy!

対戦パズル バトルブレイブ Play Puzzle Battle Brave is available exclusively on the Japanese Apple iTunes Store. In order to have access to Japanese games you must have a Japanese Apple ID so we have made a simple guide for you to sign up! Additionally, the game will be free to play and download but will have cash shop items for you to power up your monsters.

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