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Play the Simplistic, Yet Addicting "Hair Ball" game on Japanese iTunes!

time Jun 11 , 2015 by Nicholas Hinger PC_blog 0

Hey guys, this is Nick here providing you the latest news and reviews on the Japanese mobile gaming market! I hope you always enjoy and am always encouraging your feedback in the comment section, so please don't be shy! Today, I am bringing you a hilarious game that is sort of a joke, but I loved it soooooo much I wanted to share it with you all. It takes absolutely no Japanese language skill to enjoy and I think you will find it challenging and fun! This title is called, Hair Ball or 毛塊 (Lit. Hair Mass/Katamari) and it has been published by Goodia. This game also happens to be one of the top-grossing hits in terms of revenue and popularity on the Japanese store! Let's check it out!!

The object of the game is ridiculous and first, until you realize it takes some real skill to score high points! Basically, you start with a very small ball of hair and the ground is also covered with hair everywhere. As you continue to roll down a corridor, you gradually pick up more and more hair, increasing your mass. There are objects littered throughout the halls that you can run into and it can end your game right there! Your score is determined by how long you are able to keep it rolling! 

At first, the controls are easy enough to grasp by moving the ball left and right, but as you accumulate more hair it becomes harder and harder to maneuver, which calls for you to predict ahead of time which way you will be turning the ball! As silly as this sounds, the game gets very challenging and also slightly addicting. I've included a video to show you guys exactly how the game works, firsthand. I hope you enjoy and try not to be too grossed out by the hair!!!

Hair Ball is available free to download and play exclusively on the Japanese Apple iTunes App Store. If you are curious on how to search for it on the market, I would start by typing the publisher's name "Goodia" and it should display their current games, or check the top charts of games and it should quickly pop up! 

Although free, there will be some in-app purchases so be sure to power up your Apple Japan credit on your account. No account? No problem. We have made a quick guide for you on how to create your on Japanese iTunes Apple ID in 5 minutes time, here. Don't forget at JapanCodeSupply we always strive to deliver you the best rates and quick service of our Japan iTunes Gift Cards, so that you can quickly and easily enjoy content like this title! Enjoy! !

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