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Enjoy the Hilarious Adventure of "Otaku Princess" on the Japan iTunes Store!

Jun 06, 2015

Hey guys, I hope everyone is enjoying their week! Nick here, bringing you more exciting reviews from the Japanese gaming market! Today I am bringing you a seriously hilarious one called オタサーの姫 ~僕らの姫はデリケート~, or roughly translated as Otaku Princess (or princess of the geeks) developed and published by Tetsuo Shibutani and Pittite. This game is one of those ever-popular Japanese evolution games, but with a twist. It starts out with an awkward girl, and a bunch of geeky men who are worshiping her. Let's check it out!


The game starts out that you are this girl, who walks into an abandoned comic book store, and a couple of geeky men end up following you inside. Truth be told the more men that you allow into the store the more 'charisma' she attains. I have reviewed evolution games before but it usually involves a strange creature eating foods. This time think, geeky romance. 

Naturally, as these games go, different types of guys actually give different points and level your character up. When you hit a level (here's the weird part guys) she gets slightly more 'pretty' and appealing to the men. This game is obviously a bit sexist and oriented for a male Japanese audience, but from my perspective I just kind of look at it as bizarre and slightly amusing! You can also power her up to host more men inside of the house, because the goal is to not let her run off with one of the guys. If she runs off early, you have to start all over again from the beginning! There are various forms of her, and so far I can only get her to the fourth level. Additionally, the other types of geeks you will be able to collect as well, so the more you play the more slightly less strenuous it becomes. I found it seriously funny! What do you guys think? Let me know in the comment section!


Above, I've included a fan made video of the game played by some YouTubers so you could see exactly how it all works! I am really looking to hear what you guys think about this ultra popular Japanese app! Otaku Princess is available free to download and play on the Japanese Apple iTunes Store but they do offer in-app purchases to help power up and level your princess even further into the depths of geekdom! 

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