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The Awaited "Mobius Final Fantasy" Has Arrived on the Japan iTunes Store!

time Jun 06 , 2015 by Nicholas Hinger PC_blog 0

Hey guys, Nick here bringing you more awesome Japanese mobile game news! Today, I was able to play and download the new and long-awaited release of Mobius Final Fantasy on the Japanese iTunes Store! During Japanese time yesterday the game was made available and I jumped on the opportunity to review and play such an amazing game. For me, I happen to enjoy Square Enix titles, and this is a bit ground breaking, considering it's a Final Fantasy game (no, not a numbered title, but close enough) that was tailored especially for mobile devices! Let's get to it!!

The game starts out with a brilliant cut scene where you see a desolate world that you, a young man (the main character) have been thrust into, along with some other foreign and strange fellow adventurers. You hear a booming voice from above and the narrator reminds you this is 'VOICE' and it is his world and his rules. Rule number one is that all of your past experiences and life has been wiped from your memory. I was pretty impressed by the full 3D, highly detailed quality of the game paired with the exceptional audio and subtitles (great for those of you learning Japanese)!


The premise of the game is short simplistic battles that allow you play multiple recognizable final fantasy jobs and hone your expertise against the enemies you encounter. It's also one-part trading card game, so the cards that you collect through the journey, when you equip them to you 'deck' they actually become the characters attack (but do not assume a persona of their own, outside of flashy attacks). I found the battle system very intuitive and unique. I've been reviewing a lot of JRPG hybrid card games and this one really impressed me with the ease and enjoyment factor. Additionally there are multiplayer features where you are able to gain allies as other people playing the game, and temporarily borrow their strong cards for battles, which is really awesome. You're also given a slew of bonus items to keep you alive a bit as you get the hang of the game. There is much more of the story I have yet to uncover and I hope you enjoy the title yourself! As usual, I'm always excited to hear your feedback!

Mobius Final Fantasy is free to play and download exclusively on the Japanese Apple iTunes Store. No word on any western localization of the game at this point. In order to have access to Japanese games you must have a Japanese Apple ID so we have made a simple guide for you to sign up!

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