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3 Weird Things You Can Find on Detective Conan: Case Closed

Dec 15, 2020

Detective Conan, or what some of you know as "Case Closed", is one of the anime series from the '90s that is still popular. As popularity increased, it now has 900 episodes. Hundreds of cases have been successfully solved by our little detective, Conan, with his exceptional deduction skill. However, have you ever noticed anything weird when you watch this series? You should be able to find this if you wanna be the next person who will beat Detective Conan in the future.

If you don’t get any clue about this, it’s fine! It seems like we don’t have any choice but to help since you’re our beloved reader. Here are the weird things that happen in the series that still remain a mystery in Detective Conan!

1. Conan Never Gets Older

3 Weird Things You Can Find on Detective Conan: Case Closed

The first weird thing that happened in Detective Conan is Conan never graduated. Did you find this strange? It seems like Conan and people around him never age. We can see from the early episodes of Conan, where the settings are made in the 90s and people at that time are still using a pager. On the other hand, the latest movie shows that Conan uses a smartphone as communication which was weird. The time difference is so big but Conan is still 6 years old even though the technology to develop smartphones requires AT LEAST 10 years or so. Yeah, don’t ask us! It’s a mystery in Detective Conan that even we can’t solve.

2. The Sleeping Sleuth - Kogoro Mori

3 Weird Things You Can Find on Detective Conan: Case Closed

Let’s use our deduction skills like Sherlock Holmes to reveal the truth in this second weird thing. In almost all of the cases, Conan explains all his findings through the sleeping Kogoro. Now, let’s get this straight! Have you ever seen a sleeping person who can talk logically without making any mistakes? Yeah, there are tons of people who sleep talking but most of them are just mumbling or using ‘alien language. None of them were able to have casual conversation, which is probably why this is absurd and totally illogical. This situation became such an iconic thing when he is trying to make the case closed.

3. Tranquilizer Dart

3 Weird Things You Can Find on Detective Conan: Case Closed

Still related to Kogoro Mori, many things are questionable here while he is put into sleep. If he is shot by a tranquilizer, then how long does it take for him to wake up from his sleeping prince mode? Do the tranquilizers need to be removed or do we just wait until the drug wears off? If the needle hadn't been removed from the skin, how many had it stuck in his body up to now? If that is the case, isn't he supposed to be 'Needle-Man' or something instead of 'The Sleeping Sleuth'? And can you imagine how much dosage has been injected into his body? Police should have arrested him and put him in jail for drug abuse. ...or should Conan be the one who is arrested? No one suspected this and it still remains a mystery in Detective Conan. We guess people in this universe probably think, as long as the perpetrator has been captured and the case closed; so no problem, right?

Although many weird things happen, the anime still remains popular up until now. Mystery in Detective Conan also has developed over time and sometimes it is really hard to guess who the perpetrator is. So what do you think Mr/Mrs Detective? Did you find any weird things other than the mentioned above? Let’s share your analysis below!