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3 Peculiar GBF Collaborations That Will Change The Way You See GBF!

Oct 08, 2020

Ahh… Gacha game. You love them, you hate them and you’d love to hate them. Some might see this kind of game as something distasteful, but you have to admit that their popularity is really something. For those of you who live under the rock, gacha game is a type of game that implements gacha (the capsule toy vending machine) mechanic which will induce the player to spend a certain amount of the in game currency to get random characters, items, equipment, and such. Although story is important, the characters you can pull are actually what allure most people to gacha game. This is the reason many of them have collaborations with other franchises. 

One of the most popular gacha games out there is Granblue Fantasy (GBF for short). Not only do they have a beautiful art, GBF collaborations are just amazing. From the classic Street Fighter, all the way to the good looking boys from Touken Ranbu. Hands down, it seems like it doesn’t matter who they are partnering with, GBF collaborations always sparks interest from both fandoms. We’ve checked the GBF collaborations list and can’t help but to notice that some of the franchises they work with, would not normally fit into their universe. Thus, we come up with a list of 3 peculiar GBF collaborations of all time!


3 Peculiar GBF Collaborations That Will Change The Way You See GBF!

Idol Collaborations

There have been quite a few GBF collaborations that feature characters from both LoveLife as well as IdolMaster, including the Side:M. These GBF collaborations ARE awesome, but we can’t help to think that it is kinda weird to see these idols holding weapons instead of a microphone. Idols training might be hard, but we are quite sure that it's not the training to become adventurers!


3 Peculiar GBF Collaborations That Will Change The Way You See GBF!

Case Closed

Yes, we know that he is a genius. Although he is technically a teen, he is still stuck in a child body. Moreover, Conan/Shinichi doesn’t seem to be someone who can really protect himself when facing the bad guy face to face, especially without his gadgets. So yes, it is quite hard to imagine him battling and surviving in this peculiar GBF collaboration.


3 Peculiar GBF Collaborations That Will Change The Way You See GBF!

Code Geass

Now, some of you might think that this one is not supposed to be in this list. However, we have to disagree with you. Although Code Geass is jam packed with actions (and politics), it also has mecha as part of their battle weapon. Lelouch might be a genius when making strategy, however we are not sure how he would do in a direct combat. Other characters in this peculiar GBF collaboration might know how to fight, but all they have ever fought is human. So when they have to face the inhuman thing like monsters, we are not sure if the result will be favorable.

Those are our top 3 peculiar GBF collaborations! Some of you might be questioning why we did not put Card Captor Sakura in our list. Well, the reason is simple. Sakura is not only good in sport, but she is also experienced when it comes to fighting non-human creatures. However, if you have a different opinion, feel free to let us know in the comment down below!