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Engulf Yourself in Magic, in "Hortensia Saga", by Sega and exclusively on iTunes Japan!

time Jun 07 , 2015 by Nicholas Hinger PC_blog 0

Hi everyone, Nick here bringing you another cool Japanese mobile game review! Today we are looking at one of Sega's top-grossing hits called Hortensia Saga. This game is a JRPG that has a lot of fun elements, a unique story line and some very adorable playable characters. A lot of readers have been asking me how I am able to play Japanese iTunes games from America, and the truth is JapanCodeSupply has made that very easy for me, and you too! We have actually set up a guide on how to access the store, yourself and you can find that guide right here, to get started! Without further ado, let's check out Hortensia Saga!!

So, the cool thing about Hortensia Saga, is that there are many cool JRPG elements to it but the game also encompasses some pretty epic large scale battles. For those of you who like warring games, this may be the type for you. Initially, with smaller battles the mechanics are typical to any other Japanese RPG, where you tap the skill, wait your turn and attempt to win the fight. In both the larger and smaller scale battles there are some really cool flashy animations and animated scenes that will grab your attention, as well as you are pushing through a battle, so it's not a chore or a bore!

Your party make up is solely up to you, on how you want to fight your enemies. Most of the time you will have a generic team with front line fighters, mid line hybrid-type job, and back line caster jobs. This game has a decent story, but I found the more exciting aspect of the game is that you can battle other players live, and enjoy the results and the rewards. It's even more enjoyable and rewarding when you do a higher-scale battle. Below, I have linked a video of a clip of a 7v1 fight. Let me warn you, it's a pretty chaotic and high-scale battle so expect the unexpected!

Hortensia Saga is available free to download, play and enjoy on the Japanese iTunes Apple Store. There are in-app download purchases that you can make but they are completely optional and will not hinder your enjoyment of the game, only enhance the experience. I think you guys might really like how the battles are designed, so let me know in the comment section if you have ever given this game a try, or if you plan to do so. I always love hearing your feedback!

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