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iTunes Japan Store Top Grossing hit, "Annihilation City" Review!

Jul 07, 2015

Hey guys, Nick here! Today I am bringing you another cool review from the Japan Apple iTunes App Store! This game is called 消滅都市, or Annihilation City by the new developer and publisher, Wright Flyer Studios! I found the game is be very fun and exciting! It has a mixed style of JRPG action along with other elements! Without further ado, let's check out this Japan iTunes exclusive title!

The game starts with an interesting conversation between some of the main characters, and letting you (the main male protagonist) that you are a bike rider who travels throughout Tokyo protecting the city from doom and destruction. Soon after, you're off riding a bike down the highway with a cute little anime girl on the back of your motorcycle. You have the power to summon special gods and goddess to fight, and as expected you encounter a celestial foe right off of the bat! Your summoned monster will continue to fight for you, as you continue to ride your  bike!

By making various combinations of swipes up, down, left and right you can gain coins of different colors, which fill your power gauges. These gauges will determine your summons power attack moves! So be sure to handle riding your bike as best as you can because this will be how you actually fight in this game. I found it to be a pretty unique way to mix a JRPG with an endless running game. What do you guys think? I'd love to hear your feedback in the comment section, so let me know if you plan on trying the game, below!!

Above, I've put up a video on the gameplay from the title to give you a more first-person experience to see just what the game is all about! As you may have expected Annihilation City is available exclusively on the iTunes Japan Store and is free to download and play! 

To be able to enjoy content such as this you will most certainly need a Japanese APPLE ID to access the store. We've set up a quick guide for you right here on how to do so, easily. 

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