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Dive Deep into the Long Awaited "Kai-Sei Million Arthur" on the Japan iTunes Store!

time Jun 08 , 2015 by Nicholas Hinger PC_blog 0

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! Today I am bringing you a long awaited review of a very very cool, fully rendered 3D Japanese RPG on the Apple Japan iTunes Store, called "Kai-Sei Million Arthur" that has been both developed and published by one of my favorites, Square Enix. Before I begin, a lot of my readers have been asking me about how to get access to Japanese iTunes content, so I would like to share this quick link we put together for you guys to help you set yourself up for Japanese gaming and music! That being said, I'd really like to push right into this awesome title review, so let's get started!!

The cool thing about the game is that although a Japanese RPG, there is a ton of co-op content and multiplayer features. It's like the best of an offline and an online game. The game is fully voiced with high-quality and renown Japanese voice actors and fully-fleshed out animated scenes! The playable characters that you can choose from are called "Arthurs" and they will help you battle through this cool journey of a game and pursue the fight of good against evil. 

For the co-op feature, you will pair up with friends and fight some really powerful bosses. As you can see from above, the screen is often split into two separate quadrants that will show a bit of animated flair on one side and your user interface on the other. I thought it was really cool that I could team up with players and level our characters together as we gathered rare treasures that would further enhance our Aurthur characters. This game has some lasting value because it's part JRPG, part TCG, and part online game. What do you guys think based on the screenshots? I was really impressed and I think you will be too! Below I've linked a promo video to give you more of a feel of what the quality of game is. I think you won't be disappointed. Enjoy!

Kai-Sei Million Arthur is available free to download and play on the iTunes Japan App Store. I would highly suggest checking this Square Enix title out, as they always seem to deliver very high quality content in games, and I enjoyed it very much myself and am still playing to this day! Be sure to take your time and enjoy the epic story that unfolds as well (no spoilers, I promise!). 

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