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Enjoy Awesome JRPG action in "Phantom Kill" on Japanese iTunes Store!

time May 28 , 2015 by Nicholas Hinger PC_blog 0

Hey guys, Nick here, with another game review straight from the Japanese iTunes Store. The name of the title is "Phantom Kill" and it has been published by Fuji and Gumi Games! This game has some really cool RPG elements while also being fully rendered in 3D! One cool aspect of the game is while the content is downloading there is also a really cute mini game you can play while you wait which earns you extra gems for in game purchases! This is the first time I have seen this on a mobile game, so needless to say I was very impressed! Let's check out Phantom Kill the epic JRPG! 

As expected, the concept art of the game is very breathtaking, and the story line is even more exciting. This tactical mobile RPG is featuring an impressive group of female assassins as the leads in which you will play and play alongside. These women are both fierce and beautiful and have a lot of dynamic traits between them which you will use to push through the story. When you clear a stage you earn special gem rewards and it makes it easy to make in-game purchases without using much of your real money. This is a plus when you don't want to spend that much on micro-transactions on a game!!

A part of the game that I really liked is there is a gacha (or prize machine) mini game that drops unique weapons and characters. When you are satisfied with your characters you can actually evolve them on your own in terms of stars. Stars goes from 1-5, five being the maximum strength. I was able to level some of mine up and it made battling much smoother, and I would suggest doing the same because this game can be surprisingly challenging, despite being a story-based game.

Phantom Kill is available free to download on the Japanese Apple iTunes Store. If you do not yet have a Japanese Apple ID, we have set up a very simple guide to get you started, right here. This will ensure that you can enjoy this title along with many future ones, so you desire!

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