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Cook Fabulous Meals in, "Saikyou No Recipe" for the Japanese iTunes Store!

May 05, 2015

Hey guys, Nick here bringing you more awesome news from the Japanese mobile gaming world! Bandai Namco is releasing a really cool game coming up for the Japan iTune Store, called Shokugeki No Soma – Saikyou No Recipe or, 食戟のソーマ 最饗のレシピ! This game will pit friends against one another in a cooking duel of sorts! I love how this game resembles both an anime series and a JRPG, yet it is about cooking! Let's take a look!!

This game is actually based off of the very popular Japanese Manga called, “Food Wars: Shokugeki No Soma”, in which the lead character is working in his father's restaurant with big dreams to eventually become a full-time chef, there. Interestingly enough, we can see the notable characters from the series have been injected right into this game. 

Not only does this game revolve around cooking but the mechanics are actually based on a rhythm style game!  As you can see in the pictures above, you have to tap and swipe in the correct order in order to fulfill the cooking orders and make the delicious looking meals! I really like how realistic all of the meals look and that they are mostly Japanese cuisine. You are given points based on both your accuracy and speed as you complete meals for the guests. Missions will run as expected, where a customer has a particular request and you have to achieve it in a timely and accurate manner, with your rockin' cookin' skills! Below, I've added a video for you guys to see a promotional commercial for the game, straight from Japan! I hope you enjoy, and you know I always encourage your feedback!

Shokugeki No Soma – Saikyou No Recipe is due to be free to download and play on the Japanese iTunes Store in the next month or so. When we are able to get our hands on the game, there will certainly be a follow up blog post reviewing this title. If you plan on playing this game and other Japanese content on the Apple Japan iTunes Store, you will need to have an Apple ID. If you haven't figured out how to set one up yet, we've set up a quick guide for you, right here!

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