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Battle Against Friends with "Gakeppuchi Busters" on the Japan iTunes Store!

May 05, 2015

Hey guys, Nick here bringing you another fun mobile game review from Japan. I just tried the game out Gakeppuchi Busters, or 崖っぷちバスターズ – (Cliff Busters) that has been developed and published by Drecom and GREE! The game has both JRPG elements and also come pinball swipe and pulling features for the touch pad mobile devices. This is a great game with simple controls that I think many will end up getting into! Let's check it out!!

 The game starts off with a brief and very fun tutorial, teaching you the combat basics of the game. Players are able to fight both inside and outside of an arena against either other players, or single player through the story line. When you play online against others, it will show your actual geographic location on a world map, which is really cool! I think it's fun to see from where you are battling others, although the majority of the people you will be fighting with are from Japan.


When you begin a battle, you take your initial character from your party and pull back and aim to hit your opponent! This can be really fun because you will often sputter and spin off of the walls and create some pretty nasty combos. After your turn is over, you will be faced with your rivals attacks, in which you can block or after heal and medicate your characters so that you can press on with the match. I found it really fun to start some random games with players because the more you challenge, you gain experience points for all of your characters, regardless of a win or a loss. Below I've linked a promo video for you guys to see the game first hand. Enjoy! 

 Gakeppuchi Busters is available free to download and play on the Japanese Apple iTunes App Store. If you do not yet have an Apple ID for Japan, we have set up a quick guide for you to get started, here! This game also does have in-app purchases so that you can power up your party faster and survive longer in matches. Hopefully, you guys will take advantage of the power-ups while playing! 

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