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Push through Puzzles with "Pazukue パズクエ – 3Q", on the Japan iTunes Store!

time May 18 , 2015 by Nicholas Hinger PC_blog 0

Hey all, Nick here, Today I am bringing you a unique style of game which I think you may enjoy. The title is called Pazukue パズクエ – 3Q, and it is being published by GREE! This game is special because it is actually a debut title coming out of GREE's new studio that has just been created, called Wright Flyer Studios. Because of this subsidiary company, the title will probably have more freedoms outside of GREE's control which could make for a good game that consumers like you and I would want! Let's check some of the features out!

Pazukue (which is short for "Puzzle Quest") will actually be part tower defense and part puzzle, which the companies have been striving to develop to be high quality and lasting appeal for the gamers of Japan. This fusion of game play will allow for you to summon special creatures known as "Phantoms" that will help you with giant attacks when you are in the most clutch situations on the battlefield. These monsters will be both ferocious and cool, and as you progress throughout the story line you will perhaps be able to collect them and do battle with more of them in the future. Another cool feature the company is working on is that there will be a unique "Fever Mode" that allows for extra long battle combos in which your Phantoms will fight for extended periods of time. As we here more on the title, I will be sure to keep you updated, as I always like to do. For those of you who love Tower Defense games, this hybrid is something you definitely want to keep checking back for, so that you can start gaming straight away upon release!

Pazukue パズクエ – 3Q is due to be released in the next few months, and it is looking like it will, in fact, be free to download and play. If you do not have a Japanese Apple ID, I would highly suggest following the quick guide we put together, right here! At JapanCodeSupply, we always scour the Japan iTunes Market to show you the latest and greatest games, while also providing you with the best rates on Japanese iTunes Gift Cards so that you can enjoy these titles on your own devices!

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