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2020 Game Remake That Will Bring You Back in Time

Jan 01, 2020

The clock has finally struck 12 and now it’s finally 2020! The new year might be here with tons of new adventure awaits, but that doesn’t mean that you should forget the old ones. We personally think that the old ones also include old games that we used to play when we were a child. Turns out, some companies understand the longing of playing those once well-loved games and decided to do a remake on them. Since it is so special, we came with a list of 2020 game remake that will surely bring you back in time!

Final Fantasy 7 - March 3

We have to be honest with you guys. We have a love-hate relationship with this game. This game play a huge role in our childhood and we really do want to see it back in its glory. Unfortunately, there are two main things that we hate: the delay and the fact that Aerith will still be dead. Let’s be real, the first time we heard about the remake is back in 2015, 18 years after its original release. SquareEnix has been teasing us for around 4 years after the announcement by postponing its release again and again. However, this June they finally announced that its 2020 game remake will launch on March 3, 2020, during the Final Fantasy 7 concert. Although there’s pretty much no chance to bring Aerith back to life, the announcement honestly bring us a lot of hope to see one of our all-time favorite games came back in an even better form...if they did manage to release the Final Fantasy 7 Remake...and not postponed it again


Resident Evil 3 - April 3

Remember the good old times when you play Resident Evil 3 with your friends and siblings? Well, we can relive that again soon! In January 2019, Capcom decided to grant us one of the best survival horror by remaking Resident Evil 2. Before the release, many were skeptical and not sure if the remake will be on par with its original. Once the remake was released, many were mind blown by that. The Resident Evil 2 remake differences can be seen here and there if you compared it with the original, but those differences are there for the better. If Capcom realized that dimming the light to amp up the scary factor, we can’t help but wonder what kind of surprised that they will come up with. Judging on what they did, we have a huge hope that the Resident Evil 3 2020 game remake will be even better than its original.

Trials of Mana - April 24

It was back in 1995, years before JCS even existed, that Square released Trials of Mana as the third installment of the Mana Series. Many love this game since it was one of the first games who uses a time progression system where players can see the transition from day to night. The fact that this game also offers a wide range of classes that we can choose also help to boost its fame. So far, all we know is the story involved an intertwining narrative from different characters. The biggest question is, what kind of twist that Square Enix will pull in the 2020 game remake to make sure that it will win the fan’s heart?

Those are the 2020 game remake that will be released...if nobody decided to postpone it. Judging by the super nostalgic list, it seems like you will need tons of PSN cards. So why don’t you stock up in Japancodesupply.com?