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2 Things to Ensure Your Victory in Ghost of Tsushima Combat

Jun 19, 2020

2 Things to Ensure Your Victory in Ghost of Tsushima Combat
We are going to talk about the new action-adventure stealth game named “Ghost of Tsushima.” Some of you might know this game from the 18 minutes trailer that was released by Sony Playstation. This game took place in the era when the first Mongols invaded Japan. The main character, Jin Sakai, is one of the survivors of his clan that tries to defend the island from the attacks of Mongol. If you ever play Sekiro - Shadow Die Twice, you could see that they use a similar approach by adapting Japanese history. Due to its approach, Ghost of Tsushima will take you to the old Japan era. For those of you who are wondering about the gameplay, don’t worry as we will let you know all the features and 2 things to ensure your victory in the Ghost of Tsushima Combat.

Sucker Punch created the concept of the Ghost of Tsushima combat system by following the way Japan's army strategy to hold the Mongol invasion back in the 13th century. Since the Mongols have an extensive military force, there are times where you have to kill them head-on and times where you have to do it from the shadows as you don’t want to cause a commotion.

The Ghost of Tsushima combat system allows you to pick the modes of combat: ghost stealth and samurai action. Let’s see what you can find in these combat systems!

1. Ghost Stealth

While playing as a ghost, you will be equipped with a katana and a dagger. In this mode, you can perform a stealth kill by luring the enemies with firecrackers and then use your dagger to take them out in silence. This combat system is very useful if you are facing a large number of enemies, like when you are facing an army. Being a ghost allows you to create anxiety for the enemies since they are not sure what they are facing.

2. Samurai

As a samurai, you will fight using a longbow and katana. You can deflect any attacks, including arrows, making you have an upper hand while defeating the enemy. However, be careful as not
all enemies can be beaten with a single attack. Some of them required a few strikes to be killed. The uniqueness of being a samurai is that you can change your fighting stance to suit the condition of the area. If you could master this, it will be a huge benefit during a battle

Whether you want to be a samurai or a ghost, try to grab the best armor pieces and use the right charms to boost your abilities. Make sure to spend some time to pray at the ancient shrine as it will give you a huge benefit.

The Ghost of Tsushima combat system is quite similar to Sekiro, the biggest difference is that you can not use magic in Ghost of Tsushima combat as it is adapting from the ‘true’ history of Japan.

Sucker Punch planned to release Ghost of Tsushima on July 17, 2020. Hopefully, there will be no delay in the game release so we can enjoy the game on time. Since you already have some idea of the Ghost of Tsushima combat system, which one do you think suits you better?
A ghost or a samurai?