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Enjoy a Unique Card Game with, Triple Joker for the Japan iTunes Store!

Apr 04, 2015

Hello everyone, Nick here! Today I am bringing you of an exclusive preview of a very interesting game on the Japanese Apple iTunes App Store, Called Triple Joker トリプルジョーカー, published and Released by DeNa. This particular title seems really appealing to all types of gamers because not only will it be one part card game, another part brain-training. Let's take a look, below!

From what we can see, it looks like the game will be set in a fantasy world, that you would expect from an RPG or a JRPG. However, this card game will be different in its own right. Users will have to pit themselves against each other and win, in order to advance in the epic story. We don't have much information on the "Brain Training" portion of the game yet, but DeNa said they will be using puzzles that you must solve that will help sharpen your mind. Additionally, the company has already began accepting beta testers for the title on the official site, if anyone is interested in joining early! We will be sure to do an updated review on this title once we get our hands on it, and if you do become a beta tester early, we would absolutely love to hear your feedback in the comment section!

Starting some time this spring, Triple Joker トリプルジョーカー will be released exclusively on the Japanese Apple iTunes App Store. Don't forget, if you would like to try the title early, you are able to do so if you are accepted into the beta! In order to enjoy content like this on your iOS Device from Japan, you will need a Japanese iTunes Apple ID, and if you have not yet created your own account we have a quick guide to get your started right here! At JapanCodeSupply, we make it easy for you to pick up Japan iTunes Gift Cards in the safest, cheapest and instant digital delivery method, so that you can enjoy Japanese content like Triple Joker on your own devices. Happy Gaming!