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Square Enix Brings Final Fantasy XIII to iOS Devices!

Apr 04, 2015

Hi everyone, Nick here bringing you the latest news on the Japan gaming front. Today, I stumbled upon some vital information about Square Enix bringing experimental and preexisting console titles, such as Final Fantasy XIII on the Apple Japan iTunes Store and Android market, which actually doesn't download to your phone at all, but is streamed directly from Square Enix's cloud for your enjoyment! 

According to Techcrunch,the new version of the game is around 20 MB for you to download and the rest of the components will be available streaming through the G-cluster servers. Because this will not be for console and on mobile devices there are bigger targets and buttons for you to click on, as seen in the picture above. This should make for a more seamless mobile gaming experience without a game pad. The great part about the title right now is that SE is offering 30 free minutes of game time! After the demo period expires the game is about 2000 yen, or around twenty dollars. For Final Fantasy lovers, this will be the ultimate enjoyment of a higher end SE game on a phone or tablet!

Because this game and service is being closely watched by Square Enix to see if it attracts popularity, we will be sure to keep you updated on how the title fares among the Japanese market. Would love to hear if you guys give the game a try so please feel free to comment in the comment section below! Below I've included a video of the mobile version gameplay, so I hope you guys like what you see and check it out!

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