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Enjoy Gambling in Your Own City with Tokyo Casino Project on the Japan iTunes Store!

Apr 04, 2015

Hello all, Nick here. A couple of months back I did a preview of Tokyo Casino project, which seemed to be a promising casino game that was due to be coming out this year. Well, the game has officially come out exclusively on the Japanese iTunes Store and I have played it quite a bit so I will be reviewing it for you guys to enjoy! Tokyo Casino Project is developed and published by Colopl and is free to download on the Japanese iTunes Store. Let's take a look! I think you will enjoy both the casino and non-gambling aspects of the mobile game! 

Starting off the game, you are guided by the lovely lady in blonde in the photo above, on how the Tokyo Casino world actually works. The cool part about the game is that you are actually the one who is creating all of the buildings yourself. After you build your dream casino spots you are able to enter and play inside of them. The most amazing part about this game is it is an actually massively multiplayer online game, so when you enter a casino lobby you can see other users who are playing and hanging out at the same time. You are able to interact with emotes and actually play and gamble with the other players so it makes for a pretty lively experience!

Before you are able to create the unique casino buildings and play the awesome games you are first prompted to create your own avatar character who will represent you in this world. There are several customization options to start, but as you play longer you are able to upgrade your hairstyles and outfits for further enjoyment. I really liked gaining money from gambling to get cuter outfits for my avatar! As expected, when you gain more money you are able to create a larger casino city for more gambling options as you press further into the game. This lighthearted gambling game caught me straight away with it's in-depth casino-system paired with the fact that it is a multiplayer game! Below I have linked a video for you to check more of it out, so I hope you enjoy! Feel free to leave some feedback if you've tried the game yourself. I love hearing your opinions on these things!

Tokyo Casino project is available exclusively on the Japanese iTunes Store and is free to download. They do offer in-game purchases for your enjoyment if you ever decided to have a more extensive experience with the game. If you have not yet created your own Japanese Apple ID we have a guide for your to get started, right here!

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