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Explore the Fantasy World of tower defense in "Little Noah" available exclusively on the Japan iTunes Store!

Mar 03, 2015

Hello all! Today I am bring you a review of an adorable RPG from the Japanese iTunes App Store called, リタルノア or, "Little Noah", developed and published by BlazeGames Inc. I found the characters, story and battle-design very compelling and I think you will too! A unique feature about this game is that it also has some very impressive tower-defense mechanisms to it as well. Let's take a look, below!

The game starts out with a very detailed tutorial from the main character, centered in the image above, named Anima. She helps you set your troops up for battle but also is a figure who is able to battle as herself in the field. You are given various minion types for battle, attack, loot and destruction minions to start. Additionally there are super-charged giant heroes who you must fight against from time to time. Not to worry though because Anima can actually become one and fight against them to protect your structures. 

If you guys are familiar with the game Clash of Clans for the iOS this may be the type of game for you. Basically, you will spend your time both reinforcing and strengthening your base camp while also destroying other warring enemy's structures to advance the story. The game has a unique and Japanese flair to it because typically, we see these tower-defense type games having little-to-no story line and more gritty characters. This game, however, is paired with both an enchanting story line and the most sweetest and adorable characters to have you feeling the full-on Japanese gaming experience. Below, I've included some gameplay to give you an idea of what the game is like. Let me know in the comments section what you think about it all!

 "Little Noah" is available exclusively on the Japanese iTunes App Store and is free to play but does offer in-game purchases to further assist you in your battles. If you have not had the opportunity to make a Japanese Apple ID yet, we have a five-minute guide to help you get access to all the cool Japanese App Store content, here. At JapanCodeSupply we strive to give you the best rates on Japan iTunes Gift Cards while also promising to digitally deliver you the codes in the safest way possible!