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Become a Creepy Stalker with "Psycho Girl's One-Million Messages" for iOS on the Japan iTunes App Store!

Mar 03, 2015

Hello all, today I am bringing you a hilariously creepy game! I've never ever played anything like this, but as you know Japan is kind of known for having their share of the bizarre and unique. That being said, I will be reviewing the title, メンヘラ彼女と100万件のメッセージ or, "Psycho Girl's One-Million Messages" on the Japan iTunes App Store, by HappyGamer. This game is seriously funny! Basically you are a teenage girl who happens to be obsessed with one particular guy and you are spamming him messages all day long on your phone. Let's check it out!

As soon as I got into the game, I really had no idea what was going on, so I am going to try to explain this as best as I can. You are a psychotic teenage stalker girl who is using a chat app on her phone, similar to LINE, called, LITE. This game actually as a sort of other side to it. Not only are you spamming taps to get points to possibly have the boy respond or get attention from him, you're actually leveling up. More hilarity ensues! 

As you level in this game, attaining the points becomes easier and easier. When you have points you can buy more skills to hone your stalker-ness to the max! Similar to Clicker Heroes or other type of games like that, this grindiness of the game is actually soothing in a way. As odd as it is, I kind of liked the simplicity of it all. For being free to play and fairly simple I would definitely give this game a chance to make you  laugh, like it did for me. Another weird portion of the game is that when someone comes to visit your house your points begin to deplete so make sure to spend them before they run out when you have house guests!  Below I have left a Japanese Player's first reception of the game if you'd like to see the game in action, first hand. Do let me know if you get your hands on this game and your initial thoughts on it in the comment section below!

メンヘラ彼女と100万件のメッセージ or, "Psycho Girl's One-Million Messages" is available exclusively on the Japan iTunes App Store and is currently free to download. Worry not! They do offer in-game purchases to help you level up so your stalker status can rise even higher into the depths of creepiness. If you have not had the opportunity to make a Japanese Apple ID yet, we have a five-minute guide to help you get access to all the cool Japanese App Store content, here.

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