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Travel around a Fantasy World in "Nikki's Diary, World Traveler" for iOS on the Japanese iTunes App Store!

Mar 03, 2015

Hello all, Nick here. Today I am bringing you a fun review of a game called ニキ日記~世界旅行編~ (Niki nikki ~ sekai ryokō-hen ~) "Nikki's Diary, World Traveler" available exclusively for the Japan iTunes App Store. This game has been developed and published by Cheetah Mobile, and I think most of you will enjoy this review of such a unique game. Let's take a look at what this Diary and Travel-Type game has to offer both Japanese and international audiences! The game has a nickname of "NIKKI UP2U 2" so sometimes it is also shortened to that due to the title being so lengthy. Let's check it out, below! 

The game starts out fairly simple. You are asked to either sign in to a mobile cheetah account (which you can later sign up for) or "Guest Play". For this instance, I opted with guest play just so I could give the game a quick try. Right off the bat you are transported into a scene that looks like it's directly from an anime series.There is full-on voice acting that goes along with the text so it really helps, especially if you are learning Japanese or trying to improve your reading and listening skills. Nikki is the main character of the game and her kitty side-kick's name is Momo and together you will be traveling the world with this adorable pair!

The game has an involved story line about the two characters and the troubles they encounter day-to-day. The fun part about this game is it is actually centered around dressing Nikki up in various outfits and scoring high points, depending on the situation, similar to the Japanese iOS game I reviewed prior called, オシャレコーデ GIRLS HOLIC(ガールズホリック) but this is slightly different with it's own unique features. After dressing Nikki accordingly, you will receive a point score that equates to a grading, from A through F. After your first dress-up session you will have the opportunity to advance on the game board. The game board hosts all of the Nikki and Momo's travels throughout the world. I thought this was a really fun game because it allows you to enjoy some fashion-fun with a lighthearted story line that brings two adorable characters to life.  Below I've included a promotional video for the game so you can have a first-hand look at some of the cool scenes in the story. Let me know what you guys think in the comments section. I love hearing all of your feedback!

As mentioned, ニキ日記~世界旅行編~ (Niki nikki ~ sekai ryokō-hen ~) "Nikki's Diary, World Traveler"  is only available exclusively for the Japan iTunes App Store. If you have not yet created your own Japanese Apple ID we have a guide for your to get started, right here! This game is free to play but also has various in-app purchases for additional fashion outfits and accessories for both Nikki and Momo. At JapanCodeSupply, we make it easy for you to pick up Japan iTunes Gift Cards in the safest, cheapest and instant digital delivery method, so that you can enjoy Japanese content like this on your devices. Enjoy!